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 Posted: Tue Mar 19th, 2019 02:29 am
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Chris Pare

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Thank you all for the assistance over the last few days, I wanted to circle back and let you know the rewire / refurb went well and I am now the very happy owner of a fan with a beautiful airplane hum...

There were a few lessons learned along the way and I would be happy to share those with anyone interested - I also want to recognize Steve Stephens for his post explaining the wiring diagram for my fan - I would have been lost without it as most of the wires were old and broken.  The only change I had to make was to move the speed control (#1) to the first screw as my fan progression was Off/High/Medium/Low.

Without a doubt the most harrowing moment is removing the stator, exposing the wires and attaching them to the new wiring.  I was highly concerned that I would damage the stator while removing / reinstalling it, or break off the delicate wires while trying to re-attach them.  It's a shame the stator doesn't have thumbscrew posts to attach the head wire - everything else seems to be built to last forever.  

The fan now has new wires, fresh wick & oil, and new grease in the gearbox that flows really well.  I will likely pop the cover off the gearbox and check the wick in a few days to see if has significant discoloration (expected) if so I will perform another change.

Attaching a link to the fan running, while it's not the brass bladed fan I hoped for, knowing it's WWI link and the time period it comes for makes it even better.  Perhaps in a decade when it needs its next service I will do a full media blast, powder coat, and blade buffing - but for now I am in love with the patina on this beauty!

Thanks again for help with my first rebuild, I am going to go on the hunt for another this weekend!

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