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 Posted: Tue Mar 19th, 2019 03:33 am
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Levi Mevis

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Unfortunately though the only thing is that all I can afford with my budget is the newer stamped steel fans like the Vortalexes and the Emerson 77 and 79 series fans or the Westinghouse PowerAires or the wide variety of Dimestore fans like the Dominions, Eskimos, Zeros etc. all of the old cast iron fans like the Menominees, GE Pancakes, Westinghouse Tanks, R & M Feather Vanes, and Lollipops, or the Westinghouse Vane Oscillators are way out of my price range (unless someone who doesn't know what they have gives me an old Cast Iron fan from the early 20th century, like what happened with me and the Menominee I have currently).