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 Posted: Tue Mar 19th, 2019 03:58 pm
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Here's what the top 1/2 of the vertical oscillating shaft looks like dismantled.
The parts stack from left to right onto that threaded vertical shaft in the gearbox. (The 2 star washers are not part of the C-16 oscillation gearbox.)

It appears that the way this oscillator works is that the On/Off selection knob in screwed down until tight, in the On arrow direction, thus pinching the (shown) gear tight with the indexed spring washer so that the gear turns in unison with the rest of the vertical oscillation shaft.

When the On/Off selection knob in turned to loosen, in the Off arrow direction, this gear will spin independently, causing the oscillator to not operate.

What I learned, With Levi's help, is that I had to grip both the Of/Off selector knob AND the exterior bottom oscillation part (the umbrella shaped thing) to tighten and loosen tension applied to the gear/indexed spring washer part of the vertical shaft. Now I will be able to tell definitively if the fan should be oscillating or not, as the vertical shaft will still spin (as if oscillating), as the fan is running, no matter if in the On of Off position.

It turned out, in my case, that the hardened grease in the gear box prevented the vertical gear from spinning along in union with the indexed spring washer, even with a fair amount of tension applied with the On/Off knob in the tight/On position.

One of those star washers may still come in handy if that indexed spring washer doesn't grasp the gear effectively enough to oscillate.

A little more clean up and reassembly with fresh grease.


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