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 Posted: Mon Mar 25th, 2019 02:41 pm
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Rusty Anderson


Joined: Wed Feb 13th, 2019
Chris,We have some things in common.  My first fan restoration is a GE 75423 and I needed a lot of advice.  I tried not to ask the kind of questions that must have been answered many times but when one is new at this everything seemed special to me.  Many answers are found in the “How To” section but it isn’t listed on the home page.  It is found under F.A.Q.s.  Members with skill and knowledge have taken the time to post excellent instructions for many of the problems I was faced with.  Also, the youtube videos on GE fan restoration were helpful.
It was the kind response to my questions and the helpful attitude of the members that prompted me to join.  The membership packet that was sent after joining is also terrific.  In just my short time as a member I’ve communicated with several members.  I’m now on my second fan and enjoying it a lot.  Hope you have fun with yours.