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 Posted: Sun Apr 7th, 2019 07:39 pm
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Greg Mauer

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Kim Frank wrote: I was afraid that I wouldn't be able to participate since I'm so busy with other stuff, but since we can submit prior creations, I have a couple of prior projects I can enter.  One would have to be judged at the Museum. It's too Big to move...Will that work? It started life as a coat rack...…..

Dear Mr Frank,

The BFMOTY board of directors (hereafter referred to simply as da' Board) met in executive session this afternoon at world headquarters in Indianapolis. We reviewed an instant replay that was not previously known to exist. The replay revealed that one of your proposed entries is a coat rack (see above clip from instant replay). 

Three circumstances had to be considered:
(1) Your proposed entry is a coat rack
(2) This is the first year of the competition
(3) This is supposed to be fun

This seemingly impossible combination of circumstances has led da' Board to reverse the earlier decision that excluded your coat rack creation from the voting competition. Still, it must be displayed at a recognized fan museum within 22 miles of the 2019 Fan Fair headquarters hotel and a suitable rendering should be available at Fan Fair HQ, as well.

Bring on the coat rack!

da' Board

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