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 Posted: Wed May 8th, 2019 01:01 pm
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Kim Frank

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Here are some views of the museum......

Below is the GE timeline......

And this is the Emerson time line....still has room for a lot more fans.

This is the Westinghouse and R&M time lines. I'll be asking for additions to both.

George is bringing his complete collection of Emerson Northwind 450 A-450 M fans, along with 450-10, 450-11, and 450-12 fans to display in the Museum tomorrow. Those will bring the total number of fans in the museum to close to 2000.

If you would, take a closer look at the wish list I provided of Emersons and see if there is something there that you might put on loan and have displayed at the Museum. The Emerson time line really looks skimpy.

There are 45 collectors that have fans in the Museum, out of 800 members of the AFCA. We really could use more contributors, so please, if you could share some of your treasured fans, it would be greatly appreciated. Your loans are cataloged, assigned a control number, there is a contract you sign listing your fans and assigning a value to them, and then your fan(s) are put on display for the time you determine. My 67 GE fans have been on display since May of 2015 and it's a great place for them to be seen.