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 Posted: Tue May 14th, 2019 02:09 pm
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Bill Refakis


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Hi for the good words, thanks guys! 
regarding this fan, a fan with all its original parts and paint can hardly be restored.
 going forward on a fan that is an original unrestored example with any kind of preservation , I will note that preservation

Note on a MILLION DOLLAR comic book light cleaning and pressing WILL NOT BE NOTED AS RESTORATION ( as per grading service)
nothing I  sell will ever be 100% original because I did not buy it new
I am known world wide in the antique Cadillac world as an EXPET ON LOW MILE ORIGINAL CARS
google me

That said, to any SINCERE INTERESTED BUYER I will send 100 photos and take apart for examination anything you want to see

In 44 years of Cadillac collecting I have never shown a car, reason ? Always the expert that comes over to educate me about my car, but when I ask him about his, he has never owned one!

SO here we have an original unrestored Diehl with light preservation
Noted preservation, light polish and lacquer on blades and guard, blade has never been apart all wings, rivets and hub are original

by the way, for $200you can pick up the BMY version of this fan for original guard and blade they are common and correct

hope this gets us on the right road