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 Posted: Sun May 19th, 2019 03:32 am
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David Northam


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Welcome to the world of old fans! You have a great little fan there! Many of us use our old fans every day. I'd trust an old fan much more than the plastic "crap" that's imported these days.

Your fan appears to have a new cord and plug, which is great. The "headwire" (the wire that runs from the base to the motor) also looks okay. It looks like the very outer layer of the headwire may be slightly damaged but since is the only the very outer layer, this does not make the fan unsafe to run.

Have you plugged it in and tried it yet? Most likely, it will run fine. It may need a couple drops of oil, but fans don't require too much oil.

I'm not an expert on Diehl fans, but your fans is probably from the 1920's or 1930's. (We welcome you to post anywhere, but your fan is definitely pre-1950 and therefore would be in the "antique" section rather than "vintage" section)

You list yourself as living in New Jersey. Ironically, we had a "regional fan meet" in Lincoln Park, New Jersey today. We have between 30-40 collectors gathered at the event and there were probably at least 200 fans there, some brought for display,  but the majority brought to sell/trade with other collectors.

Hopefully others will post more information about your fan.