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 Posted: Sun May 19th, 2019 02:25 pm
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Greg Miller

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I have an oscillating AC/DC (brushed motor) version of that fan that is technically one of the ones that started my collecting nearly 40 years ago. Mine came from my grandfather's laundry room, where it had been since my father was a small child. The model number on mine is E1051, and I have yet to actually nail down a date for it (though I think it's on the older end of that range David gave, and perhaps earlier than that). These things are New Jersey native, as Diehl Manufacturing was out of Elizabethport, NJ. If you go through my posts and go waaaaaay back to around 2010-2011, you'll find my thread on it. It hasn't changed as I wouldn't dare restore all my grandfather's repairs out of it. It sits today on my mantle on top of a cigar box full of brass screws he kept in his workshop, as a shrine to the first guy to put a wrench in my hand. I run it the whole week of his birthday every year and have vodka drinks with a rubber band around the glass (for I.D. purposes...) in tribute to the old man.

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