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 Posted: Wed May 22nd, 2019 07:02 am
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  Hi, I’m new on the forum!  I’m an experienced tinkerer, but I know that I am in over my head. I’m looking to pay someone to restore my fan or at minimum remove the Westinghouse stator. 

I have Pryne and Co “Pryanco” from 1934 manufactured by Westinghouse . This is a special fan that is an overhead exhaust for a stove range. I cleaned up the housing & rotor and want to rewire it. I’ve read threads on here on stator removal tools and techniques but want to leave that to a pro. This is a press fit stator in a bullet shaped housing. 

There are no vents at all by design because of cooking grease. It’s cooled by heatsink conduction from its aluminum cast housing. If you need to drill holes in the housing to get the stator out..that’s ok. Maybe TIG weld the holes to fill them again? I had another idea, thread bicycle brake cable through the stator to extract it with a winch. 

Motor still works perfectly (especially now that I cleaned it up). But I want and perhaps need to replace it’s mains/power cord. 
I wasn’t going to do a vintage cord restore for a couple reasons. A) it’s tucked in a ceiling it’s whole life. B) I want to use modern fireproof cable and fiberglass like jacket insulation for fireproofing.  I’m a little flexible if you’re a purist. But the original cord has two layers of asbestos insulation because this goes over a range. I already bought the new cord which is 3 prong. 

Can I pay a trusted member of this community to 

1) get the stator out 

2) proceed with the rewire and binding with hemp string or whatever appropriate 
3) install inline fuse
4) rewick (I just found goop in the oil ports but there might have been a wick in there?)

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