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 Posted: Wed May 22nd, 2019 04:36 pm
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David Hoatson

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Find or make a pipe that sits on the motor case, just outside of the stator. Its inside hole needs to let the stator coil pass through. You might find a size of PVC pipe that works. Or you may need to get one made by a machinist from steel or aluminum. Hold the pipe against the motor, and tap the pipe against the concrete floor. Inertia should make the coil slide out. Stuff the pipe with rags so the coil doesn’t smack into the ground. 
On Emersons, folks use a smaller PVC pipe that slides though the inside of the stator and sits against the back of the motor case. Then, tap on ground. If you are not careful, you can crack the back out of the motor case. 

You might be able to thread screws into the stator bolt holes, hold a spacer on the motor case lip, stick a pry bar under the head of the bolt and pry using the spacer as a fulcrum. Or use a dent puller slide hammer. 

It all depends on how tight the stator is.