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 Posted: Sat May 25th, 2019 11:44 pm
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Cole Day

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I have a 10" Lively Aire I'm just now trying to get going. It's locked up, and I cannot figure out how to get the motor cap off. This is not the true Westy unit with the finned motor, but the avocado stamped steel Knapp Monarch made one. There is no screw holding the cap on. I've removed the grille and the nuts on the front of the motor but still won't come off.
Starting to think it's not worth messing with - as I suspect it's locked up in the gearbox, which is same issue I've had with the 12" version. The K-M gearbox wasn't really serviceable from what I recall. I've oiled the front oil port but the rear is all in the gearbox from what I remember.