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 Posted: Mon Jun 3rd, 2019 12:19 am
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Lane Shirey

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Use a cable tie to check runout.  In other words, is one or more blades bent forward or backwards??  The problem with vortalex blades is that when they get bent forward or back it also messes with the clock because the spiders are part of the hub piece and are mounted at an angle. It'll make sense when you look at it.   

So if you get every wing tracking good, usually the clock improves also. 

Try that first. 

Use a cable tie firmly pinched with your finger to the strut.  Rotate the blade by hand and compare the wings.  The cable tie will tell if a wing or more are bent forward or back.  Start by checking at the innermost part of the wing (the spiders) and work your way out to the tips of the wings. Adjust (bend) as needed.   Be very aware of what you're bending.  If the spiders don't align, make sure you're putting your bending pressure there and not the tip of the blades.  Likewise if you get the spiders in line and the tips are out, just adjust the tips and don't bend the spiders. 

16" Vorty blades are a bear to get trued up, but the small ones are not too bad.  Before you search for a new one.  Try to adjust yours first. 

HOWEVER, be aware that aluminum fatigues easily and will crack if bent forward and back too many times.  So you don't get an unlimited number of tries before the spiders will crack.  So make intentional adjustments. 

You can do it, but it takes patience.  You don't always need a strobe.  I adjust 60% of my bent blades by this method.  The other 40% need a strobe. 

Good luck!