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 Posted: Mon Jun 3rd, 2019 02:02 am
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Aaron Hardy

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I have an Emerson 73648 AK I just finished working on for a friend and I have a few questions/concerns:
  1. How much oil does the fan take, or how do you know it has enough when 'filling' anew?
  2. The motor tag states it is rated at .83A, but I'm drawing just over 1.5 on the 'Hi' setting according to my Kill-A-Watt. it goes down to around 1.1A on Lo. I've triple-checked my wiring and all appears good. Should I be worried?
  3. I've been running the fan for the past few hours. I put approximately 60 drops of oil in based on some research here on the site (but still wondering if too much/not enough - question #1), The fan is running around 150F at the blade shaft. The motor housing is a respectable 120F. Spin down on shut-off is 36 seconds. I feel like these numbers are okay, but just wanted to get some second opinions.
Overall, the fan is a great fan (color choice aside). I'd really like to get my hands on one of these for myself. Since I'm doing this for someone else, I'm a bit more sensitive to making sure everything is as good as it can be. I won't be around to detect if something is going wrong. And it's going in her barbershop, so it is going to see some serious use. Thanks in advance.

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