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 Posted: Mon Jun 3rd, 2019 07:22 pm
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Aaron Hardy

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Jeff Jones wrote: What are those white washers made from? They may be causing additional friction? They don't look like fiber.
The white washers in the picture were on the fan when I disassembled it. They appear to have been hand-cut from sheet plastic... or the lid to an old sour cream container. 

The fan was sold as “non-running,” which there was some interesting jury-rigging, such as the plastic washers, that explained why. I replaced them with fiber washers. There is just enough room for the rotor to spin now and it does so easily. I can’t see friction being an issue. 

Stan, from what I’m gathering, I mistakenly decreased capacitance by 1.2uF (from 2.7uF to 1.5uF). I’m thinking the resultant excessive current draw is the source of the high temps in the housing and blade hub. I just picked up a proper-sized cap and will replace it tonight. I’ll take current and temp measurements after and see where I’m at. 

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