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 Posted: Tue Jun 4th, 2019 04:03 pm
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Chris Murphy


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Since my last post...
A) I tested the motor and it works

B) I succeeded at getting the stator out with a heat gun and pvc pipe inertia trick! Thanks for the encouragement!

Now I need advice on wiring it. 

1) I haven’t removed the wires yet but it looks like the thin stator leads will be hard to get to. 

2) there was some black goop sealing the housing where the power cable entered. It might have been Bakelite or rubber? Is there a modern equivalent that can take high temperature? Caulk/epoxy? Maybe a rubber gasket?

3) it’s currently a two prong cord.  if I wire with a 3 prong cord, do I attach the ground to the chassis of the motor? Should I just ignore the ground and cut the ground pin off of the new cord? It’s going into a two prong power outlet at the moment. Since it’s mounted on the ceiling where nobody touches it, I’m not sure if grounding should even be a concern...

4) would it make sense to add a fuse to this somewhere? If so where?

5) are there any considerations about getting the stator back in?

6) how do I know if this had  oil wicks? 

Close up of power going into stator. 

Aperture in housing where black goo had sealed power cable. The heat gun made it supple for quite a while. See original post for a sense of what it looked like. 

Black goo that had been a hard seal around power cable.