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 Posted: Tue Jun 4th, 2019 07:39 pm
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Aaron Hardy

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Tom Newcity wrote: My next step would be to double check the hook up between stator and speed control.  I have no notes on the 73's, but I believe its hook up would be the same as the 77's and McComas has wiring diagrams on his INFO link.  Certainly worth a try. 

I have replaced a lot of the 1.75 mfd caps with the 1.5 mfd caps and they have worked just fine. 

The wiring has actually crossed my mind. I went by your 77646-AS notes. I felt the wiring was likely the same as the switch/coil layout is the same. My resistance readings were different than what you provided in the 77646-AS diagram (around a 30 ohm difference on all three), but I felt that was fine since it was a different series, larger fan, equal difference across all three leads, etc. I was confident I wired it correctly, but it’s definitely worth double checking.