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 Posted: Sun Jun 9th, 2019 12:25 pm
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David Kilnapp


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Hi Tom. It would helpful to see a picture of your motor housing before commenting on how best to remove the stator (what you call the motor winding). Stator removal can be challenging and difficult and if not done right, damaging. You say that the wires are cut to the housing but can you still see the remainders, that is, are the stubs still there? If they are and the wires exit the rear of the case, then you will have to remove the stator to solder to the wires.  Below is a picture of a 1912 R & M 1404 stator that I removed with the three wires re-soldered. I inserted the new longer screws into the stator so that when I am ready to slide the stator back into the case (which is a VERY tight fit), I'll cut the heads off the long screws and use them as a guide to line up the holes in the case with the holes in the stator.

Post a picture of what you are dealing with and we can go from there about giving you suggestions for safely removing the stator to get at the head wires. The stator may need to be replaced if the wires cannot be accessed. Replacement stators can be had for these old fans in some cases.