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 Posted: Mon Jun 10th, 2019 12:33 am
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Levi Mevis

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Hello everyone (George Specifically) I had made a connection with a member on here that lives nearby me and he was downsizing his fan collection a little bit because he was moving and so he gave me 4 fans 2 of them intact and 2 of them disassembled but complete for the most part and one of the fans I got was an Emerson Seagull and that was one of the fans that was disassembled but mostly complete (the only thing missing are the two vertical slats for the grille, of which  all the mounting hardware for them are there but the slats themselves were not, but all of the major components to make the fan run were there though).
I had reassembled the fan lubed up the motor as it was as dry as a desert at high noon, and re-balanced the blades (they were bent every which direction which caused heavy vibration in the fan which resulted in it "walking") and replaced the original cloth cord which was in bad shape, and the fan works perfectly now, it runs nice and quiet and vibration free (it doesn't "walk" anymore) and it has an incredibly long spindown time of about 45 seconds or so.

picture of the unit in question posted below.

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