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 Posted: Tue Jun 11th, 2019 03:05 am
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Hello everyone, thank you for your time if you are reading this. I bought a vintage fan a couple years ago at an antique store (I had always wanted one and finally found one that I could afford at the time and was in working condition). It worked great for a couple years, but eventually the switch burnt out and the knob broke off. I'm pretty sure it was rebuilt at some point and I'd venture a guess that whoever rebuilt it did a heck of a jerry-rig on it. I tried looking through the forums for more information, but it's a little more difficult because it seems this fan is on the cusp between two categories since it is circa 1950 and I'm not sure of which it belongs (pre-1950 or post-1950). I'm looking for a parts diagram mainly, as well as where I can find new or replacement parts. I don't care if the replacement parts are genuine or after-market, I'd just like to get the fan working again in its former glory. Any help or feedback would be greatly appreciated.

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