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 Posted: Tue Jun 11th, 2019 01:54 pm
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Sears Roebuck Green Blade Oscillating Desk Fan Model 303.80020
This particular model is all metal with transparent green acrylic blades. It's a 2 speed with the control dial on the top of the motor and the oscillating arm underneath. 

I bought it at an estate sale a few weeks ago and it worked after cleaning and oiling.

Decided to have it blow in a stationary position so I loosened the plastic nut on oscillating arm. Later wanted to switch back to oscillate and I can't get it to reengage. It's a very strange arrangement. If I tighten the nut too much the parts don't move. If I partially tighten it things start to rotate but then stop.

My question is, how is this arrangement suppose to look when in the oscillate position?