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 Posted: Tue Jun 11th, 2019 02:18 pm
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Andrew Block


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I missed the last post. I can try to Ohm a good one out but I don't know offhand. Again, I caution the original owner to replace them at this point or at the very least, install an inline switch to augment them for day to day operation.

I collect mostly large pedestals and regularly use a 30" K60 and several 24" Vortalexes, all with their original Levoliers in various stages of repair. I either use the below switch at the plug in the wall or, in the case of my daily driver Vortalex in my living room, which had shot wiring so the original in-line plug was replaced with a standard two-prong, I plug that in between the fan base female and the fan head male. Easy to reach, unobtrusive, removable and best of all, it saves day to day wear and tear of turning the fan on and off (and since I usually use it on low, cycling hi-off-low).