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 Posted: Wed Jun 12th, 2019 04:21 am
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David A Cherry

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 once the front of the motor is off ...pull out the shaft..and at that point put both hands down on each side of the stater at this point have someone else placed a wooden dowel about an inch in diameter between your hands and as you lift up off the ground and holding it ... The second person will lightly tap the Dow with the hammer until you start to see movement if you don't see movement, start tapping a little harder,  if it's a stamped sheet metal motor you can whack it pretty good but if it's castiron you may want to go easy especially if it's a GE.  their castings are thin and not very strong...this has work for me 90% of the time... it does require two people thou!, thank God I have an understanding wife that likes to hammer into hundred year old motors housings while she's in the middle of one of her shows...