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 Posted: Wed Jun 12th, 2019 12:31 pm
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There's another one for sale, completely restored by another AFCA member on eBay for $950. The same seller is listing a Westy tank for $750 which is identical to the one I sold, completely restored, for $350. Now I realize that things are worth what someone is willing to pay but there is a reasonable range of values which $3K is clearly outside of. I paid $200 for the Westy tank then put another $150 into it with the cost of the brass refinishing so I made nothing on the sale (I'm not in this hobby to make money). However, I do think that the $350 that I sold it for was a reasonable price for the fan. I hope that this buyer responds one way or the other as I would like to acquire this fan. 
You say you directed the seller to Antique fan parts where there is a similar fan for sale? I looked at Chad Baker's site but I don't see a Victor tank.

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