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 Posted: Wed Jun 12th, 2019 04:11 pm
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David Kilnapp wrote: There's another one for sale, completely restored by another AFCA member on eBay for $950. The same seller is listing a Westy tank for $750 which is identical to the one I sold, completely restored, for $350. Now I realize that things are worth what someone is willing to pay but there is a reasonable range of values which $3K is clearly outside of. I paid $200 for the Westy tank then put another $150 into it with the cost of the brass refinishing so I made nothing on the sale (I'm not in this hobby to make money). However, I do think that the $350 that I sold it for was a reasonable price for the fan. I hope that this buyer responds one way or the other as I would like to acquire this fan. 
You say you directed the seller to Antique fan parts where there is a similar fan for sale? I looked at Chad Baker's site but I don't see a Victor tank.
Yea if it is this Westy Tank it has the wrong cage, crappy paint job, No rubber feet, repo cage badge and in my opinion he is still asking more than twice its value IF it was all original. The same for the Victor as far as price goes. But that seller usually asks 3 to 4 times the actual value of any fan he sells. He also sells under the ebay name "cutndry50"

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