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 Posted: Wed Jun 12th, 2019 08:46 pm
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Sean Campbell

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Richard, I don’t have any pictures unfortunately, but I just got finished fixing up a 29646. I’ll give you the brief version of what I did. First, remove cage and struts. Then, remove the screw for the oscillator link. Next, get the front of the motor open. The blade is a screw on, so you need to drip penetrating oil (liquid wrench for me) on the seem of the rotor and the blade. Next, use a heat gun on the blade hub while slowly spinning the blades. Use the head gun until the oil you applied sizzles. You’ll want it to cool before repeating a few times. In the meantime, take off the oscillator gearbox by removing three screws. The back will now be smooth aside from the worm gear. When you feel ready, place a black oxide socket screw in the left screw hole from the oscillator. Screw it in to hold the rotor and then turn the blade in the direction it turns when running. The blade and front plate should come off allowing access to the motor interior. Now, take the worm gear on the back of the fan and pull it out the back of the motor. It should look like a long shaft. There is also a nut on the front of the rotor assembly. Unscrew it and remove the fiber washers in the correct order. Then remove the rotor from the single bearing shaft. If you need to get the stator out, unscrew the threaded pieces that held the front plate and guard on. Then use the pipe trick or gravity to do the rest. Hopefully this is helpful to you! I’ll go into more detail if you have a specific question.