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 Posted: Wed Jun 12th, 2019 08:18 pm
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Sean Campbell wrote:  place a black oxide socket screw in the left screw hole from the oscillator. Screw it in to hold the rotor and then turn the blade in the direction it turns when running. The blade and front plate should come off allowing access to the motor interior. These are called "cap head screws" and are probably hardened.   From the slide-out cardboard drawers containing misc. hardware parts at many hardware stores.  The smaller size fits some of the smaller Emersons but not all.  The larger size fits the 12 and 16" Emersons.   I use two screws against the rotor and tighten them snugly but not with full force.   Make sure any screw you put into the rear of the motor will not hit any stator windings/wires.

This is probably from a 27646 Emerson

This also might help in the disassembly of your fan.  c.1937 catalog image.