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 Posted: Thu Jun 13th, 2019 02:00 am
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John Fengel

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Steve Stephens wrote: With that serial number it would be later than this one, below, but what I don't understand is the "Style No." that I am unable to find and, besides, all Tanks 100-110 volts and 60 cycles were Style 60677 like the motor tag, below.Does your tag have a 1911 micro date in the lower left corner?   I might be possible that your tag is from an early stamped steel fan if they were rated at 100-110 volts, 60 cycles.  The same blank motor tags were used on later tanks and earlier stamped motors but there would be that 1911 micro date.


The only numbers in lower left hand corner are "525" - I may look for a "60677" tag for it and save the installed one.