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 Posted: Thu Jun 13th, 2019 12:25 pm
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Kim Frank

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Fan Fair is the premier event of the AFCA each year. It's in a different locale every year and comes back to Indianapolis every fifth year. Each Fan Fair entails months of planning, with a lot of work involving a lot of people. At Fan Fair, there are people manning the registration table, people selling raffle tickets, people putting on seminars, people attending Board meetings, and then there is the auction, with the auctioneer, spotters, recorders, and checkout people. There are no fees or commission charges. Most important are the attendees, each paying the registration fee. Most have driven or flown hundreds, if not thousands of miles to attend, bringing with them dozens and dozens of fans for sale or trade. They rent the tables for their displays, some needing eight or more tables. It is a full four days of fans and to top it off, you get free admission to the AFC Museum where a cookout on Friday night is happening, and free lunch and dinner on Saturday at the hotel.....One of the benefits of belonging to the Antique Fan Collectors Association is you can attend Fan Fair. All you need to do is register and send in your payment. Where else can you have so much fun (Legally) for so little money?