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 Posted: Sat Jun 15th, 2019 09:13 pm
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Bill Refakis wrote: I will get motor tag this week who built the dc mesco? I bought 2 many years ago in nyc right in area they were located in

NY - Chicago - St. Louis - San Francisco addresses were only agency. MESCO had plants for manufacturing located in Jersey City, NJ. up until 1907 circa, that is when another MESCO plant started operation in Ravenna, Ohio along with the Jersey City plant. 

It appears the DC MESCO fan motors were their product more than likely manufactured in Jersey City. It is my distinct "impression" MESCO outsourced the brushed AC fan motors in a very small window of time of but a few year(s). They then went back to DC only sometime in what appears to be the teens. 

Not only does 11 electrical trade mention AC and DC Mesco fan motors, it also mentions a OSCILLATING fan motor in their fan motor line. Vane?  

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