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 Posted: Sun Jun 16th, 2019 12:49 am
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The blue tank above has a cage from a stamped steel model with the reverse curve at the bottom ring.  
Tank motor tags:

First year for the Westy tank had a smaller diameter motor and other differences like different strut attachment, no cage banner, no fiber base plate.   Style 46970, 110 volts

16" tank, ONE speed, early tank with small motor but 1906 style struts.  Style 60679 seems to say it's a 1906 model but hard to say with the small diameter motor.  Motor tag is newer style than the 1905 above (note how the pat. dates are written)

104 volts (down from 110 volts in 1905), early tank with unreinforced trunnion arms

1906 or 1907-
A little later 1906 or are the following 1907?, Style 60677 2 speed

Same time as tag above but Style 80421.   Difference is the voltage range of 110-120  offered most of the time that tanks were made.

Possibly a 1907 but tag is very close to those above.  Style 83239, a semi-rare three speed tank.   Note voltage range 112-115.   These ran at a slow 1000 rpm on the slowest speed.

1908 or 09 tags are, I believe, similar and have the 1906 patent date on them for the first time.   Motor tags are now screwed to the motor and remained much like this through the last tank in 1911.  Serial numbers added for the first time.

Note, I was hoping I would have more tags but finding them will take time so I will stop for now.   Hopefully I got the info above right but dating tanks is not an exact science.   

c. 1910-11 tanks used this motor tag.  This is a very late one with a 1911 micro date in lower left corner and more and later patent dates, still with a serial number.   By 1910 tanks had solid cage badges instead of the stencil banner badge.

Badge below has the Style No. starting with an X and the other numbers are not readable.  I'm not sure why the unusual Style No.