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 Posted: Tue Jul 9th, 2019 03:17 pm
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Kim Frank

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Tom Frampton and Fanimation is hosting a "Cookout at the Museum" from 5pm until 9:00pm on Friday July 19th. Fanimation and the Museum are 20 miles from the Marriott, going back to I-465 and following it around North and West  around to the Michigan Road exit. My suggestion to everyone is once you are on I-465, get over into the far left travel lane and stay there until you get past I-69. That area is congested all the time and worse at rush hour. Once past that, then relax and go to Michigan Road exit. That will be the fourth exit once past I-69. On Michigan Road (US421) go North to 106th St, again get in the left travel lane once you pass 96th St. Landmarks for 106th St are Walgreens on the right south corner, and Pearson Ford is on the Left  north corner. Once on 106th St, go to the 4 way stop Bennett Parkway, and turn right and go to Fanimation, 10983 Bennett Parkway, Zionsville, In, 46077. Drive around the south side of the building and follow around to the field on the northside of the building. Parking is there, not in the parking lot in front of the Museum.