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 Posted: Wed Aug 7th, 2019 12:46 am
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Tom Warren


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I just got a 3 speed 23 inch propeller going. After running on all three speeds at different times the friend took his fan home.  I got a call saying that after about 30 minutes on low speed the motor started smoking and the chrome housing was extremely hot and after a second it was too hot to touch.

1. I used 3M liquid tape on the care coil wires; they were worked on by my friend and lots of bare wires which I covered with liquid tape. Could the motor get hot enough to make the liquid tape smoke over time?

2. Does anyone know approximate DC resistance of the coil? I will appreciate any help and suggestions  other than shoot it as I have sincerely thought about it for a split second. 

I apparently got stupid all over fan.  It has a two head wire G.E. motor. Can you guys think of any way to fix the problem? I did use Zoom oil and a small amount of heat proof grease on the shaft ends for a wet start-up. 

Tom Warren