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 Posted: Wed Aug 7th, 2019 09:33 am
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Tom Warren wrote: I just got a 3 speed 23 inch propeller going. After running on all three speeds at different times the friend took his fan home.  I got a call saying that after about 30 minutes on low speed the motor started smoking and the chrome housing was extremely hot and after a second it was too hot to touch.


1. I used 3M liquid tape on the care coil wires; they were worked on by my friend and lots of bare wires which I covered with liquid tape. Could the motor get hot enough to make the liquid tape smoke over time?

2. Does anyone know approximate DC resistance of the coil? I will appreciate any help and suggestions  other than shoot it as I have sincerely thought about it for a split second. 

I apparently got stupid all over fan.  It has a two head wire G.E. motor. Can you guys think of any way to fix the problem? I did use Zoom oil and a small amount of heat proof grease on the shaft ends for a wet start-up. 


Tom Warren

Hi Tom.  I'm a little confused about "care coil" wires.  If this is the actual winding of the motor then yes, liquid tape is not appropriate because of the temperature of the winding.  It can melt, drip off, and cause all sorts of problems.

If the motor winding was damaged and had exposed copper areas with the enamel missing, there was probably pre-existing damage and the motor needed to be rewound.

Another possible issue would be the speed coil its self is bad and began smoking; if that's located in the motor housing.