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 Posted: Wed Aug 7th, 2019 02:23 pm
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Don Fenton

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Sean Campbell wrote: When I take my fans apart, I gently go over the rotor with 0000 steel wool. I also rub non detergent oil (zoom spout) on the shaft. I usually leave the stator alone other than dusting it with compressed air for cleaning keyboards. I also use a q tip to apply oil to the inside of the bearings. You will definitely want to replace the wick inside the oil cup. They are usually quite gunked up, so you may have to carefully cut it up with a box cutter and remove it from the spring. New wicks can be bought inexpensively from Vintage Wire and Supply. Wire varnish can also be used to insulate the stator. 

Make sure to take plenty of pictures as you disassemble them! These will be valuable references for reassembly, especially with more complex fans. You have great starter fans! Good job!

Good advice. How hard is it removing the stator from the housing??