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 Posted: Wed Aug 7th, 2019 07:50 pm
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Don Fenton wrote:There are only three sizes I could find on the market. 1/8", 3/16", 1/4"
That is what I have found.  Pancakes use a 3/16" diameter wick. 5/16" diameter felt wick.   Where can you get that?  3/16" wick is too wimpy and you would have to crimp it into the spring which would basically ruin the spring.   If you take 1/4" wick and draw it evenly across rough sandpaper you can slowly decrease the diameter to something usable.  Sure wish there was 5/16" wick available.
I just checked with my felt supplier for availability and i have never seen it available from them in the distant past.  I was just told they have 15 feet in stock with more due next month.

Edit:  I messed up but how I could mistake 3/16" for 5/16" I don't know  Anyway, Pancakes take 3/16" wick and it is currently available from Southerland Felt Co., 248-280-0450.   I spoke to Toby.   They currently have F3 wicking which is a grey color from South America.  They will be getting in more F1 felt wick, cream color from Australia.
Pricing for the incorrect 5/16" I asked about is $4.00/ft with a minimum of 30 feet.   The wicking comes in 15' lengths but confirm all this if you intend to order some.   I think Darryl has 3/16" wick and some other suppliers may also.  The 3/16" wick will probably be tight in the pancake oiler.   It can be shaved down slightly by drawing across some coarse sandpaper.

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