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 Posted: Fri Aug 9th, 2019 04:15 pm
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Evan Atkinson

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Don't know either. Our area previously felt like a fan wasteland to me.  Maybe I was just making excuses for being busy.  :hammer:

Geoff Dunaway told me these are overbuilt.  I said "OK", thinking that most old fans generally are. Well, he wasn't lyin'.  The casting on this fan is massive. Extra large flange on the base. The motor shell is at least 1/8" thicker all the way around than it needs to be, with large bosses in the back on the inside. A swivel bearing around the neck makes oscillation painless. I have it apart right now for cleaning. Man, the way they cast that oscillator housing in the front and attached it to the cover is impressive, to say the least. Had to be two pieces somehow welded together, and expertly ground down, then machined. And those oscillating gears are works of art.

A real shame the fan's missing the porcelain switch. I'm looking for one for it if anyone has a junk fan. Seems the blades on this might have originally being painted black. I'll strip the paint but leave the patina - I like it. The fan seems painted, not japanned...interesting. 

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