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 Posted: Fri Sep 6th, 2019 03:14 am
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Richard Smith


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I am working on restoring my third fan - a Dominion but I don't know the model because the decals are gone, so this could be the wrong forum.
I can see how this can get to be habit forming!
This is what I started with:

This is how far I have gotten. The blades are back to the original grey and the cage is as good as I can make it. I put a thin rubber cord on it.

Some things I have learned so far:
1- There is very little information on the internet about specific brands of fans. This forum seems to be the main source of information. I have never seen a fan like this, so I don't know if something is missing or not. I must rely on more experienced folks like you to share their knowledge.
2- Be sure the mechanics work before making it pretty if you have never worked on a particular brand. I have two people wanting to buy it and I don't know if I can get it to oscillate correctly.:hammer:
3- E-bay users have decent prices but excessive shipping charges. :down:

Now to my questions. I know this is not an expensive fan, but it had some problems that I thought would be good practice for me. So, if anyone has experience with this fan, I would appreciate the help.
1- How much front to back play should the rotor have in it? This one has about an eighth of an inch. How do I determine which end of the shaft to add washers to - front or back?
2- On to the oscillator:

In the first photo, there is still about 1/16" of play in the main oscillator gear. When the fan runs, the gear is pushed to the right side of the oscillator case, so it may not matter. I think someone else may have disassembled the oscillator, so I am not sure of the order of the parts. Does what I have look right? The original felt washer was pretty much eaten up, so I don't know how thick it should be.

3- Oscillator shaft question: This (bottom photo) is all I have. The bottom screw that holds the oscillator arm is missing. Any idea where I can get something that might work? Any washers go here also?
1- Should there be something in the groove to help seal the grease? I am guessing another felt and washer so the grease can flow down and keep the shaft lubricated?
2- Should the threads at the top of the shaft above the hex nuts be smooth like it is or has something been stripped off? The order (when I disassembled it) was hex nut, star washer, hex nut, star washer, gear. Is that correct?
4- If anyone has this fan, I would appreciate a photo of any decals it had.

If anyone made it this far, I appreciate any help anyone might offer.