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 Posted: Sun Sep 8th, 2019 05:56 pm
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Lucas Beshara

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So like the title says I’m looking for a Diehl motor for the Air Master pictured.  It came with a Cirklair motor which I don’t need.  So if you need the motor that’s on it I’d consider selling, but it looks burnt up. I’d really like to trade it for a Diehl as pictured (rear tombstone style). I can rewind it if there’s a good Diehl out there or just buy your Diehl motor. If nothing is out there I’m going to try and rewind the motor and try to achieve fewer than the noted 1725rpms. 
Thanks for looking and a big thanks to the members here that helped this fan find its way into my life. It is in good hands!:clap:

Here’s the motor tag on the fan. Upside down made me think it wasn’t stock...  that and rpms

Looks like the right motor for this fan

And I’m looking for this motor...

And hopefully one day it will look like this!

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