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 Posted: Mon Sep 9th, 2019 02:21 pm
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Don Fenton

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As a new member, I'm totally on board with a price guide with a rating system similar to old cars and trucks. Not having the experience of buying, I had to look at completed sales on places like eBay which can be deceptive when you have two bidders in a price war resulting in an inflated ending bid. I do understand that a rating system could be tricky as far as pricing a fan when lets say, it's a rarer model and make, but with parts missing or not running, but a newbie such as me, would have a basis to go by and how much to spend or not spend.

The other area that needs an upgrade IMHO is the Gallery as far as good clear larger pictures, unless I'm not doing it right to view them.

With all this said, this site is a gold mine of information and help. One thing I do a LOT is use the "search" feature, which has answered a ton of questions, so I'm not repeating the same question here, but at times there is no clear answer, so yes, I ask it.

my 2 cents.......