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 Posted: Mon Sep 9th, 2019 07:20 pm
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George Durbin

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The gentleman's name is Jamie Horner... He and Larry are working together to make a smooth transition... I understand this will be in the new magazine coming out... At this time I cant give any more info as I do not know it... There are changes coming and we need to be patient! As a fan collector I wondered why things dont happen quickly... The answer is really simple... We all love fans and the friendships we build in this hobby! And we are all part time, Part Time!... So things take time... There is a surprisingly huge amount of work involved to make what seems like a simple thing to do, is in fact not so simple... We ask anyone who knows a better way to do anything and thinks there is an easier way to do anything please let us know... Be prepared to answer your own question and or volunteer to fix it! After this transition there will be a lot of things for the board members to consider with your inputs... Keep the ideas coming! We are all in this together...   Be Polite in all suggestions you have... What may seem like a bad idea to you, may not be a bad idea at all...Harry Truman once said getting things done in government is like two elephants making love... Theres a lot of grunting and groaning, it's done on a high level, and it takes two years to show results!😊😊


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