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 Posted: Mon Sep 9th, 2019 11:59 pm
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   Great information and the picture is really helpful in helping me understand these fans. It appears that all is well with these two great fans. I do notice that in the 6250D that the shaft will rattle some if the angle of the tilt is changed or when the fan first starts. The little screw is tight on the blade so I think it’s normal as the noise stops after a second .
The older Emerson is quiet and makes a strong wind current!!
   I was born in 1950 and I remember , in retrospect, that form and function were both important to consumers and manufacturers. I treasure the things I have that were made before the late 1960s . These two fans made life way more comfortable for folks then, I’m sure.
   I have recently discovered antique fans and am resisting the urge to get more. I met a guy, Chad, with Antique Fan Parts in Hickory , NC. He rewired my two Emersons and cleaned/ lubed them and I love ‘em. He has hundreds of restored or cleaned and lubed fans in original condition that are absolutely stunning. Some are very affordable and some are astronomical but rare and gorgeous fans.
Thank you for the great education and for taking the time to share from your knowledge and experience . I am hooked.

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