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 Posted: Tue Sep 10th, 2019 10:33 am
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Lane Shirey

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They may be bronze but there is a coating (tinted glaze)  on them to make them appear darker. If they are overpolished it will go away. Rendering a much yellower look.  

I believe some are tinted aluminum also if I recall. All mine are the bronze type.  

I guess I never answered his question. How to polish. .  I’d start with a cleaner wax and see if it has any effect.  It never hurts to scrub it with dawn soap or mineral spirits to see what you have to work with.  

I fear those spots go clear through to the base metal.  If so, the coating I speak of will not be able to be saved.  In that case a buffer to cut through to the base bronze is best.  

Normally we suggest using acid toilet bowl cleaner to clean brass but I’m not sure how it’ll react to bronze.