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 Posted: Tue Sep 10th, 2019 12:12 pm
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Zachary Parr

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Dooley Ezzard wrote: I have recently had these two models rewired and cleaned and greased/oiled buy the only person I could find in NC. I love these fans. I can't reach the technician who worked on them and I have four questions which I feel need to be answered before using the fans.
1. the 29646 ( has a little 12 at the bottom right on the tag) four-speed base switch emits a few visible sparks when the slider is put in first speed position ( don't protrude beyond the inside of the base). Is this normal or dangerous. This fan seems to move more air than even my modern ceiling fans. Incredible fan.

2. There is a square headed bolt on the back just under the oscillating knob. It can be turned by hand. Is this to be tightened or is it normal. What is the purpose of this bolt? 

3. The 6250 D ( little 20 above the amps block) motor housing gets fairly hot to touch when running very long. Is this normal or dangerous?

4. The 6250 D switch has only one speed, on or off. Is this original configuration or should it have two speeds in addition to off? 

Thank you very much for any help you can offer. 
Also make sure to oil the fans every year with non detergent oil like 3 in 1 BLUE can and zoom spout.