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 Posted: Tue Sep 10th, 2019 08:11 pm
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Robert Bollinger


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     In reference to the output shaft, my 2012B is identical to your’s Richard, nothing missing.   Now the layout of my worm assembly is a bit different.  Mine still retains a metal worm.  So, from the left, felt washer, metal washer, 2 shim washers, the worm, and 1 small shim washer.  Some play in this layout I would consider normal.  I’m assuming that is just the way it was assembled at the factory like mine.  Unless one finds the remains of a shim washer, o-ring, or felt washer nothing is amiss.   I just took note that my output shaft does not have that lube groove near the end of it.  It is interesting to see the differences between our two consecutive models………… 

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