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 Posted: Wed Sep 11th, 2019 11:51 am
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Kim Frank

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Gunner Lake wrote:

Good point Ed. I'm the creator and moderator of r/fans on Reddit. We have ~620 subscribers at last count. I try to drive people over to the AFCA when they show a big interest in antique fans or have questions which that group can't answer. One big difference there though is that I don't require the discussion be limited to antique fans. Many of the questions are about what modern fan to buy for different use cases, but I digress.

Gunner, I have always though that the "Antique" portion of our AFCA name is limiting, as there are collectors of all years of fans, just not the hundred year old ones. Perhaps someday we'll become the Fan Collectors Association. When we host the Ceiling Fan Kids meet here at the Museum, I find it interesting that the fans for sale/trade are 1960 thru the Present day and that some get excited by a 12 inch push button Panasonic fan.

On another note, I see that you live in Jacksonville Fl. Has a Randy Wright ever crossed your path?