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 Posted: Wed Sep 11th, 2019 02:50 pm
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Henry Carrera wrote: Steven P Dempsey wrote: Thanks Stan - - the issue of polarity has always been fuzzy to me. The table top is metal, but I put a rubber mat under the fan whenever I test.

If outdoors, it would be a question of what kind of shoes you were wearing, how conductive is the surface that you are standing on, and were you touching anything else. If you could somehow float above the ground or stand on a non-conductive surface, then you would break the earth/ground path and not get shocked. This would hold true even if you have a direct short to the fan frame. Bird on a wire thing.

This is very true. While wearing boots (with rubber soles) I bought a cold drink from a defective Coca-Cola cooler. I noticed nothing wrong. A few minutes later, a person in pool shoes walked up and got the poopoo shocked out of them.

The Coke machine was defective and had a short to ground and no ground connection.