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 Posted: Wed Oct 2nd, 2019 12:07 am
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Mike Strozier


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Well, seems I have developed a problem.  Originally picked up a 1940's ArticAire, then later a 50's or 60's Bersted Zero (restored this one for my wife) and now a Westinghouse Whirlwind.  Seems once you pick up one fan you just can't stop  :D  Photo's included.   The unit is extremely rusted, dirt etc and seller stated it wouldn't run.   I took the motor case off, checked the oil wicks (they are shot, needs replacing) but I supplied a little oil to the front and rear.  Cleared out all the dirt, put it all back together (without the cage as it needs quite a bit of work due to several dents where the fan blades doesn't clear the cage).  Long story short, it runs :)  
So I've now taken the fan completely apart except having problems with the fan motor assembly.  I've tried gently tapping a screw driver on opposite sides to work it out and nothing.  Wanted to make sure I'm not missing something.   As I would like to get the motor completely removed from it's casing so that I further clean it up and just easier to work with.

Thanks for any suggestions as it's all a learning curve for me being new to this.