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 Posted: Wed Oct 2nd, 2019 01:29 am
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Alan Jurisich


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So pressed back in the wrong tab and lost everything I just wrote.  Round two.
The wife and I bought our first antique fan a few weeks ago for $20 at the flea market because it "didn't work".  One suicide-cable-to-the-stator later and I confirmed that it does indeed work.  Which excites the heck out of me because it puts it in "New Project" territory.  Territory my wife is not fond of but allows it because she likes what comes out of it time to time. So after lurking on here for a bit a bit and going through the process of dismantling and getting a feel for how everything is put together and operates I went to cleaning.  I followed some of the instructions from the Cleaning article on the repair/restore page.  Took a small part, the front bearing assembly, and went to cleaning with some lacquer thinner.  And the lacquer thinner went clean through the finish after a few rubs.  Now the wife likes what of the original color she can see, and I like what I can see.  So I'd like to keep as much of it as I can, which i'm not very optimistic about.  The larger parts have some extensive surface rust.  So out of curiosity does anyone know what GE used in 1950 to coat their fans and how to best replicate it? 

I'm trying to think of some alternatives as well such as stripping the whole thing and giving it a matte clear powder coat.  Would love an excuse to get a powder coat system. I was also wondering where some of you bought your Hazmat.  Things like insulating varnishes and electrical cleaners.  

{{ Front Bearing Assembly after lacquer thinner }}