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 Posted: Wed Oct 2nd, 2019 05:38 pm
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Thanks, I'll do some research on your suggestion.  It may come down to just doing the best I can as it is :D  And tape everything else up if I end up having to sand it by hand and/or with a dremel.  Would be painfully slow but only alternative I see.
The fan blades have been a real pain so far but making progress.  I'm not a professional nor have a full garage of tools to work with.  So been doing everything by hand and using a dremel.   Discovering after some cleanup and removing the paint some brass or bronze parts that needs a bit of polishing.  And the fan blade is coming out pretty nice.  Tested with a small portion of it and I may continue cleaning, buffing / polishing it up instead of painting it like it as it is.

Current results

Here the Oil wick was painted. 

After some clean up:

I still need to polish up the wing nut.  And going to leave them as is, and some clear coat so seal them?  As I like this accent look much better than the original black paint.

And the fan blades:

Instead of repainting I'm going to clean up the rest.  It's just painfully slow going :D

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